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About Us

We've been exploring northern Thailand on dirt bikes (Yamaha DT175, Honda CRM250) since the early 90s (over 25 years now!), and riding with the local Thai enduro riders since the mid-90s.

At some point we decided to turn our passion into a business and grew slowly to one of the largest enduro tour operators in northern Thailand (well it's a very small market anyway).

While most other local enduro tour operators don't own anything - they just rent some stock bikes - we actually have our own fleet of enduro bikes (currently 14 touring bikes) and our own Toyota 4WD support truck.

With over 50% repeat riders every year, we need good and properly set-up bikes, which are just not available from Chiang Mai rental companies.

Thai Enduro Tours:


Phone/fax: 066-53-379-586

T.A.T. License: Tour operator license #24/0037, registered and bonded by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Address: 66/2 Moo 3, T. Muang Geaw, A. Mae Rim, 50180 Thailand

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