Dates and Booking

Upcoming Tour Dates 2022/2023:
  • #01 Mon 17.Oct - Sat 22.Oct 2022 End of wet season... no dust!
  • #02 Mon 31.Oct - Sat 05.Nov 2022 Getting cool and dry
  • #03 Tue 15.Nov - Sun 20.Nov 2022 Cool and dry
  • #04 late Nov booked out
  • #05 Mon 05.Dec - Sat 10.Dec 2022 Cool and dry
  • #06 Fri 16.Dec - Wed 21.Dec 2022 Cool and dry

  • #07 Mon 09.Jan - Sat 14.Jan 2023 Cool and dry
  • #08 Mon 23.Jan - Sat 28.Jan 2023 Cool and dry
  • #09 Mon 06.Feb - Sat 11.Feb 2023 Getting warmer
  • #10 Mon 20.Feb - Sat 25.Feb 2023 Getting warmer
  • #11 Mon 06.Mar - Sat 11.Mar 2023 Hot

Please contact us directly by email.


All our tours start and finish in Chiang Mai.

You can book directly with us through email.

Once a booking has been made and the deposit has been paid, there will never be a cancellation from our side.

With 4 riders or more we do one of our regular routes, and with 3 riders or less we'll include some survey riding which we couldn't do with a larger group.

At some point please let us know if we should book twin rooms or single rooms (+3,500 THB), also if you want your bike lowered or tall handle bars.

If you want to use our riding gear (included in the tour price), please send helmet, boot and trouser sizes so we don't have any surprises at the tour start.


To confirm the booking, we need a deposit per rider of the equivalent of 300 EUR / 350 USD / 400 AUD / 250 GBP. In case of cancellation 30 days or more before the tour we can refund the deposit minus the bank fee for the transfer.

In case of cancellation less than 30 days before the tour, no-show or bail-out from the tour we can't refund anything, as we have to book and pay hotels, support rider, mechanic, 4WD truck driver etc in advance and won't get any refunds either, plus we can't find replacement riders on short notice.

The balance of the tour price has to be paid in cash at our house before the tour starts, either in Thai baht or you can bring USD, AUD, EUR, GBP or any other common currency and we use the conversion rate of the day.

If you want to use an ATM or get a cash advance in Thai baht on your credit card, we can stop at a bank on the way to our house on the morning of the first tour day.

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