Our Enduro Tour Riders' Comments

Original comments and testimonials from our enduro tour riders after having a great holiday with us. Some groups have been riding with us here in Thailand for 17 years every year. (Except the last 2 Covid years....)

Richard P., Australia:

"But oh what a trip. I had an absolutely fantastic time. Trip of a lifetime! Definitely an adventure that requires revisiting!

Thanks again to you and the team for making a great effort to deliver a quality product. There was a unanimous view that all 6 of us enjoyed every aspect of the Thai trip, so well done."

David K., England

"Wolfgang, I'd like to comment "thank you". The trip was fantastic. Everyone agreed that it's the standard we will shoot for with all future rides."

Stewart B., Isle of Man:

"Wolf, finally managed to get near a PC, had an amazing time, the best trail riding I've experienced, thanks."

Group of Spanish enduro trail riders in 2005
Group of Spanish enduro trail riders in 2005
Richard P., Australia:

"Wolf - Hi Mate, well what can I say my expectations of having a fantastic exhilarating fun return Thai trip were exceeded! 6 days of being on an absolute high, you surpassed yourself again.

Fantastic trails, challenging varied conditions, good quality accommodation, the bikes and gear were reliable and good quality and you made the trip a lot of fun and a classic lifetime experience. Thank you! All the guys had a great time and I am sure will contact you directly themselves, so guess what, I reckon there is a 100% chance we will be back next year.

I just have to keep my nose to the grindstone for 11.5 months now until I am allowed out again, aaggghhh! Look forward to seeing photos/videos.... take care and regards to all."

Howard F., England:

"I really did enjoy the enduro tour, in fact it was probably the most enjoyable holiday I've ever had!"

Australian / British offroad group with German lady rider
Australian / British offroad group with German lady rider

Shawn D., Baltimore:

"Thanks again to you and your staff for an absolutely wonderful and memorable vacation. Pat and me talk very highly of the experience. I hope to go on more of your Enduros in the future."

Paul M., England:

"Hence the comment e-mail, i wonder if you could keep me informed of trips late this year and early next as i would love to come and have another go! It seems i have got the repeat offender bug, and am itching to get back on the Thai trails!!!"

Colin B., Australia .... "Never too old to roost":

"We had a great ride and look forward to another one in the near future. Keep up the good work!"

Colin "never too old to roost" from Perth with other dirt riders
Colin "never too old to roost" from Perth with other dirt riders
Howard F., England:

"Hi Wolf, just to let you know we have booked our flights! Really looking forward to the Thailand trip, the last two tours with you were literally holidays of a lifetime so if we can get anywhere close to that it'll be fantastic..."

Jennifer C., San Francisco:

"I had a great time on the tour, you are very organized, hopefully at some point in time I'll be able to come over again for another time out!"

Lorenzo R., Spain:

"Again thanks for a great and memorable trip. It is fun to tell the stories here at home and probably even more fun with pictures that back up our stories.....any news on when you will be able to post the picture on line?"

Simon P., England:

"Once again thanks a million for a fantastic holiday. I felt very safe in your organisation - due to your thorough preparation and professional support. You certainly provide a very good holiday and I hope to see you again!"

Patrick D., Bangkok:

"Wolfgang: Just wanted to comment to thank you for one of the most memorable holidays I have ever had."

Our 17-year group (pictured here in 2018) from Australia, UK and US.
Our 17-year group (pictured here in 2018) from Australia, UK and US.
Alexander P., Moscow:

"Hi Wolf, we've returned back but my soul is partially in Northern Thailand..... As we are really happy I thank you very much for efforts and services provided by your team."

Frank G., Enduro Racer, Holland:

"The CD [-early 2004-] with the pictures arrived a couple of days after I got home and I have made a slideshow of them; I find that just describing what I've seen and done in that week riding off-road with you and the guys cannot describe it. It was the best week of off-road riding in my life!! and I would like to thank you again for the trip. Most of the time the people who see the pics are pretty surprised at your bikes and the terrain we've travelled through."

Patrick T., Switzerland:

"Thank you very much for the pictures! They are Great! We have now gone back to Swiss and it is pretty cold. Just wanted to thank you again for the very good riding in Thailand."

Aaron H., Australia:

"Cheers for all the photos and video footage had a blast of a time and look forward to doing it again. Cheers for the great time was the best riding I have done in years."

Chris, Australia:

"Hi Wolf, just wanted to comment and say thanks for the great tour, had a great time. I get some friends together and come back and do one again next year. Thanks again for the tour, I be recommending you to everyone that will listen."

"The road to steep danger!!!"
"The road to steep danger!!!"
Deno and Kate C., England:

"We had a blast with you guys and it was a real pleasure. Kate was in tears on the way back, not wanting to leave Thailand and talking about throwing a sickie to do Wolf's next Thai tour. We'll be back doing another tour with Wolf sometime soon you can be sure of that. Take it easy and thanks to you all for contributing to some great memories."

Cindy, Australia:

"Hi wolf, hows the foot? Had a fantastic ride tour thanks again will tell all my friends. Thanks for the feed back we also enjoyed your tour not to mention company, it exceeded our expectations and we will pass the word around, I would love to come back some day with a bunch of crazy Aussie ladies then I could really let my hair down, he he."

Toshiyuki, Japan:

"Hi Wolf, Thank you for the photos. The trip was wonderful I thank you from my heart. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity that can have."

Warwick V., Australia:

"Hi Wolf, Thanks again for a great adventure through amazing terrain. You and your team not only looked after our motley crew faultlessly but were also great company. I will be recommending you everywhere and will be back if I can. "

Bill H., Australia:

[March 2014, going on 70, see the video in our videos section] "Hi Wolf, Yes we had a good trip back followed by a BBQ at Bill Hicks place. Thanks again for a great trip and we have been going thru all out pics and videos and had a good laugh. Cheers, Bill."

Why is he wearing a skirt? Whoever crashes has to wear it until some other enduro rider crashes, who then has to wear it.
Why is he wearing a skirt? Whoever crashes has to wear it until some other enduro rider crashes, who then has to wear it.
Patrick T., Switzerland:

"Hallo Wolfgang, Alles klar bei dir? Ich bin schon voll wieder im Alltag und Reto wie ich zehren von der wunderbaren Zeit. Wir wollen nächstes Jahr zur gleichen Zeit wieder kommen...... Ich werde die Flüge schon mal reservieren..... Vielen Dank, alles Gute und hoffentlich bis im 2015."

Aaron H., Australia:

"Hi wolf Yeah mate had a big last night in Bangkok then arrived home in Perth. Had a great time again still the best ground I have ridden on. Must be good with new glasses to see out of for sure. Boys are already talking with their mates to book for next year. "

Aaron, USA:

"HI Wolf, we had a great time, even if Theo mostly couldn't handle it. I"m sure I"ll be back at some point! Thanks!"

Richard P., Australia:

"Hi Wolf, thanks for the photos, they help to remind us of yet another excellent tour with you no doubt this year was even more enjoyable because of the bikes being so reliable and competent - a good decision there !"

Tinny, Hongkong:

"Dear Wolf, Wow~~ Thanks for the good memories!! Looking forward to see the rest of the photos."

Dirt rider group photo with lady enduro rider from Hongkong
Dirt rider group photo with lady enduro rider from Hongkong
Terry G., UK:

"Hi Wolf, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and All at Thai Enduro for a fantastic six days. It was a truly Amazing experience. I loved and enjoyed every minute of it. The sights, sounds and the incredible trails and views will stay with me forever. I have told all my friends about the Tour and the great way that it is organised. Thank you again for a Great Thai Enduro Tour."

Dieter, Bavaria:

"Danke für die Bilder und vor allem für die unvergessliche Tour. Ich könnte mir gut vorstellen, es im nächsten Jahr nochmal (etwas ruhiger und langsamer) zu versuchen. Zur gleichen Zeit wieder...."

Brendan, Ireland:

Hi Wolf, Just a quick comment to thank you + Jum : Ton and Tai for a magic week. THANKS Brendan

Shaun, Australia:

Great to Hear Wolf, Appreciate everything! Awesome trip/tour and we'll keep the word out there. Thank you to the boys also. Will be back next year for sure. Regards Shaun

Paul, Spain:

I just arrived in Madrid after a few hot and intense days in Bangkok... Indeed I enjoyed very much my trip with you. I will recommended it to others . See you soon...

Joan, Spain:

Good morning, I'm Joan, the friend of the last team. I congratulate you, it was all fantastic and very well organized. I'm looking forward to returning next year, I can already book it for you.

Swiss group of happy dirt riders.
Swiss group of happy dirt riders.