A bit of history:

We've been exploring northern Thailand on dirt bikes (Yamaha DT175, Honda CRM250) and riding with the local Thai enduro riders since the early 90s .... 30 years now!


Early 1995 we started a computer programming business, hiring local Thai vocational school graduates as trainees / programmers, and when the World Wide Web arrived in 1996 we started building websites for local export companies.

These websites were mostly online product catalogs, ordering systems, shopping carts, payment gateways etc.

In the meantime we went to all the local motorcycle events, especially the grassroots motocross races which were great fun, and did lots of weekend rides with the local enduro groups.

At some point we decided to turn our passion into a business and grew slowly to one of the largest enduro tour operators in northern Thailand (well it's a very small market anyway).

In 2015 BMW Motorrad contacted us to organize the 2016 GS-Trophy for them, an event that featured 120 brand new GS 1200 bikes and over 200 people, and took slightly more than a year to set up.

About a quarter of the 200+ people involved with the GS-Trophy 2016. Photo credit: BMW Motorrad.
It's not every day that a brand new BMW GS 1200 with your name on it arrives....

We're working on a "behind the scenes" story about that event and hope to get it finished sometime this year...

When we started with our tours we used mainly Honda CRM 250 two-stroke bikes, re-invested the profits purchasing more CRMs and eventually had enough to do 10-rider tours, which is pretty much the limit anyway in terms of enjoyable group size.

When Kawasaki released their KLX 250 we started buying them, gradually replacing the CRMs. Then Honda launched the CRF 250L and we happily switched from Kawasaki back to Honda again.

While most other local enduro tour "operators" don't own anything - they just rent a few stock bikes and call it a "tour" - we actually have our own fleet of enduro bikes and our own Toyota 4WD support truck.

With over 50% repeat riders every year, we need reliable, properly set-up enduro bikes, which are just not available from Chiang Mai rental companies who specialize in road bikes and scooters.

Thai Enduro Tours:
  • Tharinee Schlor (managing director). Born 1969 in Thailand, computer science university graduate.
  • Wolfgang Schlor (consultant). Born 1958 in Austria, studied electronics in Vienna. First time in Thailand in 1980, living full time in Thailand since 1987.
  • Thai support riders
  • Thai guides
  • Thai mechanics


Phone: Please request our phone number by email, we're getting a crazy amount of spam robo-calls.

T.A.T. License: Tour operator license #24/0037, registered and bonded by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Address: 66/2 Moo 3, T. Muang Geaw, A. Mae Rim, 50180 Thailand